Conservative Dentistry

Teeth cavities or damaged teeth can cause of a lot of pain and other health problems. Hence it becomes mandatory to resolve them at the earliest. Out wide range of options of dental treatments will provide you the perfect solution.

Filling of Broken Teeth and Decayed Teeth


A filling is a replacement of lost tooth material. It may have been due to decay (bacteria which destroys the teeth with its acid) or fracture (a force that has broken the tooth) .The convensional "silver" filling - which is avoided now due to the potential environmental pollution due to the mercury in the filling.

Tooth Coloured Fillings (Composite Fillings)

The "composite" resin fillings that are made to match the tooth colour perfectly. They are used to re-shape and restore broken teeth, cavities even in the front teeth so that they look perfectly natural

Deep fillings (GIC fillings & Composit)

The deep cavities demand special attention. Deep cavities mean that the bacteria has reached the vital center of the tooth and hence the fillings are made to protect the pulp as well as promote healing. They are mostly white in colour


Inlays and Onlays

This is a modified filling - where the measurement of the cavity is taken and the filling is fabricated in the laboratory. This makes the contours of the filling precise to micron thickness. They can be made in composite, gold, semi precious alloys, ceramic, zirconia, depending upon the aesthetic and strength demand.